Feasibility Studies
Profit Planning
Business Planning
Debt Restructuring
Strategic Planning
Profit Maximization
Buy vs. Lease Analysis
Turn Around Consultants (Bankruptcy)

Financial Planning

Strategic Borrowing
Consumer Credit Assistance
Risk Management
College Planning
Retirement Planning
Investment Planning
Estate Planning
Divorce Planning

Fraud Examination / Risk Management

Assessment and Analysis
Internal Control
Security Related Matters
Inventory Loss
Protect your business by:
Detection, Prevention and Control

Business Valuation

Mergers and Acquisitions
Loan Value of Business
Insurance Value of Business
Contemplated Sale of Business
Contemplated Purchase of Business
Estate Planning
Succession Planning
Estate Valuation
Dissolution of Marriage
Determination of Value
For Charitable Contribution
Condemnation Proceedings

Finance / Accounting

Tax Planning & Preparation
Estates, Trusts, Bookkeeping and Payroll Service
Complete Service for Business, Individuals
Loan Application & Assistance
Real Estate Consulting
Real Estate Management

Matrimonial Litigation Support

A CDFA pro can help your client understand:
Personal vs. marital property
Valuing and dividing property
Retirement and pensions
Spousal and child support
Splitting the house
Tax problems and solutions
Collaborative Law