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Nick Kousmanidis is an accomplished and seasoned accounting professional with 30 years of Accounting, Business Valuation and Fraud Examination experience. He is an expert at identifying major opportunities, which drive revenue and profit growth for businesses.

Nick has worked for a varied number of accounting firms in the Syracuse area for 17 years before forming his own company in 1999. His firm, Accredited Business Consultants, Inc, is a leading consulting firm in Central and Upstate New York area. Clients include businesses throughout Central and Upstate New York, including contractors, service businesses and real estate agencies.

Nick is skilled and experienced in profit planning, debt restructuring, fraud prevention, detection and control, fraud examination, business valuation for buy/sell, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategy and succession planning, plus traditional personal and business tax planning.  Click here for Linkedin Profile.

Main Street Accounting vs. Wall Street Accounting

On November 15th, 1999,  ABC Inc. was born. From the very first day of operation, ABC’s mission has been to service the clientele in the best possible way, to truly understand customer needs and do whatever it takes to fulfill those needs.  This clear desire to deliver outstanding client service has always been the driving force behind ABC Inc.

With phones, emails, faxes, we are a few micro-seconds away.  We are not very big because we are selective about the clients we accept.  Being small does not require an apology.

“We give our clients more than a good deal; we provide them the means to succeed.”

Business Philosophies at ABC Consultants

We at Accredited Business Consultants, Inc.  (ABC Consultants) do not predict the outcome, we create it.

You as a businessman have the power to run your own business.  We have the power to accelerate it……

We operate from a proactive rather than a reactive mindset.

Our consulting services separate us from traditional accounting service, which merely recap past events.

We are not historians, but look and interpret the future, and subsequently we help our clients to look and position themselves to face the future.  We are large enough to offer an array of services and small enough to provide the personal touch.  Our purpose is simple; to change the financial direction of the business and family.

You have goals for yourself and your business.  But when you have a dream, it helps to have someone minding the details.  At ABC Consultants you can address a range of personal and business issues such as cash flow, tax planning, retirement planning, strategic planning, business valuation and fraud examination.

With expertise and insight you need to make smart decisions, so you can control your future.  We take pride of our work and we are proud of our businesses.

Honesty and integrity are the key factors when choosing a person to do business with.  We are committed to providing that kind of service.  Anyone you refer to us will have our special attention.

Thank you,
Nick A. Kousmanidis

Our Mission Statement

We shall strive to create and maintain a high caliber consulting office environment that our clients and we will appreciate and enjoy.  This environment will stimulate positive interaction between our staff and our clients, which will open the avenues for constant, ongoing improvement for everyone involved.

By welcoming challenges through education, knowledge diversification, good communication, and always striving to perform to our fullest potential, we aspire to reliably meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.  We seek to be the best among the best and we will not compromise on this.

We will customize or tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the individuals we service.  In this way, we will be treating our clients as guests and in a manner in which we ourselves would like to be treated in a professional consulting office.

By performing our services effectively, with the cooperation of our clients, we will be empowered to provide high quality service for a reasonable fee.  This includes discussing whatever steps are necessary to ensure our clients’ comfort level, and again encourage positive interaction.

The professionals at ABC Inc. invite you to a new and modern concept in consulting services.  We are dedicated to maintaining your good financial health through a complete range of sophisticated services for your business.  We offer a unique combination of convenience and affordability with the utmost in dedication and pride.

The Access to Accredited Knowledge and Resources for Building Dreams, Equity, Wealth and Economic Benefit by Creating Opportunity and Providing Consistent, Competent Client Care.


Simply put: Ability to provide better services in a consistent basis.

Provide Client Value =  (Client Availability x Easy Access x Timely Services x Quality Services) / Cost